Viral Marketing Initiatives

Placeholder ImageBefore going viral, one must take their time and do extensive research to ensure they send out a video to the public that is tasteful and well executed. Failure to do so or rush the process could lead to missed opportunities. In the social media world clicking send or uploading a video virally that is of poor quality, lack of creativity and sense of humor could be the death of a brand as one misstep virally could ruin the reputation and the momentum of the brand. As an upcoming fashion designer I know how competitive the industry and understand the importance of creating exceptional viral videos that will challenge customers to think as well as command their attention instantly. In every line of business there must be guidelines set in place to make sure the ground work is going smooth when it comes to the creation of the viral video.

First, the brands will always win if they can keep the content fresh and relevant. Hence, if customers can relate to what is being said or captured in the video whether it’s through language, music, or social media platforms the brand have a better chance to get their point across. Thus, fresh and unique content will invite new followers and get them talking on various social media platforms. Keeping the content fresh and exciting will keep customers from getting bored and wanting more whereas the content will drive more attention and chatter on social media as fans will want to talk more about the new and exciting things the brand is doing. Second, a call to action must be in set place as no clear cut vision will only lead to missed opportunities and utter disaster. The call to action is literally encouraging and asking followers to share post. Thus, being upfront and honest usually works with customers as saying like if you share tends to generate positive feedback especially if the content and message in the viral video is profound. Third, sense of humor is needed as the majority of the world is always on edge whether its due to the common stresses of life such as work, school, family and etc. Therefore, using sense of humor in viral campaigns works as its keeps the audience engaged and also breaks the ice which makes it easy for the brand to get their point across. According to Lonin if a reader laughs out loud there is a high chance the reader will “share” the content (Lonen, 2015). Funny is good in the viral world, as a funny and comedic viral video can create a buzz in the social media world as followers may share the video due to its funny nature which could offer extra exposure for the brand.


Another great characteristic of a viral campaign would be telling a story. Telling a story can serve as a great foundation for the viral video as the audience will have something to follow depending on what the storyline is about. Hence, a compelling and profound story such as a story about triumph and perseverance can resonate with millions who have endured the same struggles which in some cases may cause a frenzy on the social media platforms as followers will start talking and sharing the great video due to the message and story behind it. Bottom line followers will not share content that does not move them or inspire them to do better. Lastly, emotion is another characteristic brands must tap into when trying to create their own viral masterpiece. Raw genuine emotion tends to get the attention of readers, as consumers want the real deal and nothing less. Therefore, creating videos that highlight various emotions such as excitement, energy, anger, defeat, happiness, and sadness are true emotions which will make the content believable as consumers will be able to relate to these emotions which help give the video life which in some cases lead to more views, likes, and shares on social media circuits. When thinking of eye grabbing viral videos the 2010 Old Spice ad featured a man who boldly and directly spoke to women saying “your man could smell like me”. The campaign is an instant hit as the man is extremely confident as he lists the all the reasons why he is more desirable than any of the viewer’s partners. The man’s confidence definitely appeals to a younger audience immediately as every young man thinks he is God’s gift to a women which adds a sense of humor which encourages consumers to watch the whole ad to see what other funny things this man will say. Brands can take a page of Old Spice which believe in your conviction and vision and don’t change lanes because you don’t know how the audience will react. In other words stay true to the process.



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